Human nervous system bundle (32 vector illustrations)

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32 illustrations included!

Get detailed neurology related illustrations and diagrams about biological and anatomical structure and various related illnesses.

Collection includes illustrations on these topics:

- Dendrite Structure
- Dendritic Cells
- Neurological cells
- 3 Types of Neurons
- Peripheral and Central Human Nervous System (4 variations)
- Neural Networks
- Stem Cells
- Synapse Biological Structure
- Neuromuscular Junction
- Axonal Transport
- Acetylcholine
- Contraction Synapses
- Reflec Arc (3 variations)
- Shingles
- Polio Illness
- Neuralgia
- Guillain Barre Syndrome
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Cranial Nerves
- Cervical Plexus
- Arm Nerves
- Carpal Tunnel
- Cervical Nerves
- Thoracic Nerves
- Trigeminal Nerves
- Vagus Nerve
- Conceptual Neurology Illustration

For each illustration you will get:

  • Editable vector Illustrator CC file (For illustrations that has text)
  • Editable vector EPS 10 file
  • High resolution JPG file
  • Love and respect from the team of creators :)

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Illustration contains free Suez One font under Open Font License

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You may use this artwork for personal or commercial projects.
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