48 Healthy Diet Vector Illustrations Bundle

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48 Illustrations worth € 239,52 when bought separately!

€0.42 per image

Concepts related to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, nutrition, fresh food, cooking, meal planning, gut health, body mass index, fitness, and many more!

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All is great, but a couple of concepts missing?

Always available more same style illustrations:

  • Single illustrations from a large and continued catalog: here
  • More bundles: here

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Illustrations for your blog articles and online info products.

Best for:

  • Blog posts
  • Online info-product design
  • Landing page design

File types included:

  • AI Editable vectors (Adobe Illustrator CC)
  • EPS Editable vectors
  • JPG High-res or 1200x628 px web size
  • PNG (Transparent background)
  • SVG (Light and scalable web graphics)

Other file types and sizes can be exported from the Illustrator files as needed.

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Just in case...

For editing objects or combining between scenes, you may need a basic Adobe Illustrator skills. In case you don't have any experience in working with vector graphics, you're welcome to use JPG images. (Included are high-res and 1200x628 px JPG images)

Cropped square versions of illustrations are not included. Usually cropping and resizing are available on blogging platforms.

Also, the presentation images with the app, web, or digital product designs are not included and are only as examples for ideas on how you can use these graphics.

Quick tips

Usually, objects are grouped together for easier use. For accessing the details of the objects:

  • Make sure Selection tool is active (Just press V on the keyboard)
  • Double click on the object as many times as you need for selecting the desired detail for editing
  • After the desired change has been made, double click anywhere outside the artboard to "exit" object editing

In case you decide to move around or delete a couple of objects at once:

  • Make sure selection tool is active (Just press V on the keyboard)
  • Hold ctrl (or Command key for Mac) and left-click on each object
  • While selected these objects now can be moved around or deleted together

For copying and pasting objects, you can use the usual Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V / Ctrl+X keyboard commands.

Let us know any suggestions according to the file organization within folders, file types, or image sizes. Also if there are illustrations that would be useful for you but are not available in the collection.

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